I’d Like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. So the last page of the Cassandra and the Changeling Sword is up in this post. Also I added a commissions gallery section so you can see the commissions I’ve done. There are new pictures in the pinups section and sketches section.

I’m going to MIFA tomorrow because I’m out food and I’m out of money. Starving artist status has been achieved no money, no car, just a computer, and a drawing tablet. Will He survive? Probably not but watch me try. Us artists have problems figuring out the whole capitalism thing but I’ll get it. Thanks for looking at the site and I love you guys.


cassandra_remix_page_1_by_oni2030-d63wpy5 cassandra_remix_page_2_by_oni2030-d64liw3 cassandra_remix_page_3_by_oni2030-d65bx4a cassandra_remix_page_4_by_oni2030-d66g51m